Victorian Councils Added to the List of Carbon Tax Payers

DAYS before the federal labor government’s carbon tax is set to take effect, several Victorian councils have discovered they have been added to the list of some 500 companies set to pay.

The councils of Hume, Geelong, Wyndham and Bendigo have been included on the mystery list of polluters set to pay the tax. Several other councils in Victoria and around Australia are expected to be added in coming days.

Voters and the business community have criticised the hush-hush method the Labor government has decided to announce the polluters which will pay the tax.

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Councils Spend Hundreds of Thousands Protecting Cemeteries

COUNCILS are being forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars protecting historic cemeteries from vandals.

Wollongong City Council is the latest, investing $300,000 on a fence and tree removal.

Vandals target crucifixes and statues, which they smash, and trees and flowers, which they set on fire, according to the Daily Telegraph. Sixty three graves were knocked down at one cemetery alone, in the state’s mid-north.

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