Australia’s Biggest Council Blames Carbon Tax For Chunk of Upcoming Rate Rises

THE federal Labor government’s carbon tax has been blamed for a spike in rates, to be passed on by Australia’s largest council next financial year.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the average ratepayer will face an increase of $54.62 per annum – reflecting a 4.5 per cent jump.

Mr Quirk said this rate could have limited to $31.48 a year (representing 2.6 per cent) if the carbon tax was removed.

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Victorian Councils Added to the List of Carbon Tax Payers

DAYS before the federal labor government’s carbon tax is set to take effect, several Victorian councils have discovered they have been added to the list of some 500 companies set to pay.

The councils of Hume, Geelong, Wyndham and Bendigo have been included on the mystery list of polluters set to pay the tax. Several other councils in Victoria and around Australia are expected to be added in coming days.

Voters and the business community have criticised the hush-hush method the Labor government has decided to announce the polluters which will pay the tax.

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Council Amends Planning Limits Meaning Brisbane Flood Victims Can Rebuild Higher Homes

VICTIMS of Brisbane’s floods will be able to build their homes one metre higher than the previous 8.5 metre planning limit.

The Brisbane City Council has approved a new planning instrument that it says will cut down red tape for flood victims waiting to rebuid.

Special approval will not be required for residents in flood affected areas to raise their homes to 9.5 metres.

The existing maximum height of 8.5 metres for a home’s highest point will remaing for homes not affected by the flood.

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Brisbane City Council Leases 8000 Square Metres at Brisbane Transit Centre

THE Brisbane City Council will lease 8,000 square metres of office space at the Transit Centre.

The council will fill Telstra space which has sat vacant for six months, and is contributing to the Brisbane CBD’s high office vacancy rate of 10.9 per cent.

Owners GPT Group and the Lend Lease managed Australian Prime Property Fund recently upgraded the 30,000 square metre office from B grade, to A grade quality.

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