Lend Lease to Build First Stage of $129 Million Ipswich Hospital Expansion

SYDNEY based property giant Lend Lease has been appointed as the managing contractor for the first stage of the Ipswich Hospital expansion. The Queensland government made the announcement regarding the $128.7 million project last week.

The project includes a two level extension of the existing Clinical Services Building (CSB), the Emergency Department and refurbishing works to the Out Patients Building.

Below is a copy of a statement posted on Lend Lease’s website regarding the contract.

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Council Amends Planning Limits Meaning Brisbane Flood Victims Can Rebuild Higher Homes

VICTIMS of Brisbane’s floods will be able to build their homes one metre higher than the previous 8.5 metre planning limit.

The Brisbane City Council has approved a new planning instrument that it says will cut down red tape for flood victims waiting to rebuid.

Special approval will not be required for residents in flood affected areas to raise their homes to 9.5 metres.

The existing maximum height of 8.5 metres for a home’s highest point will remaing for homes not affected by the flood.

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