REINSW Sets up Holiday Rental Chapter

This move comes as some Local Councils in NSW have begun restricting short term stays of less than three months. If this ban becomes widespread it could affect up to 180,000 properties rented out during holiday periods. Short-term and holiday letting has been a tradition in NSW since 1886, as people make their annual trip to the beach or the river.

“These rentals provide affordable accommodation, allowing families that might not be able to own a beachside home, for example, enjoy a holiday,” said REINSW President Steve Martin.

“The restrictions, if continued, would not only end a 140 year long tradition they would severely limit consumer choice and have a negative impact on the economy of the many regional areas where these rentals are generally located.”

Agents representing the many property investors who own holiday properties, and those renting out their homes short-term, believe that other commercial interests have been actively pushing for short-term tenancies to be restricted because they are seen as a source of competition.

REINSW is urging the Minister of Planning to secure the future of holiday and short-term rental properties by clarifying and unifying regulations and ensuring uniform treatment across the State.

“Differing legislation relating to short-term rentals between Local Councils is unworkable and distorts tourism and property investment as planning regulations address usage rather than ownership,” Mr Martin said.

“Consumers need choice and any ban on holiday rentals would affect both short term tenants and owners. The rights of all these groups need to be considered.

“The Holiday Rental Chapter will establish rules to protect the rights of all concerned – the owners, the renters and the local community.”

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Marc Pallisco

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