Controversial Colliers Resignation Confuses Industry

Capital Gain was inundated with calls this week from senior agency directors and institutional executives saying the situation, which resulted in the sudden resignation of one of the industry’s most outspoken and respected green crusaders, smelled fishy.

“These sort of decisions to remove someone so senior from a company don’t happen over just once incident,” said one senior executive who wished to remain anonymous. “It usually happens because there has been some sort of lingering unrest.”

“Ordinarily when a senior executive resigns from a company, it’s gold watches and lavish lunches,” he said. “It doesn’t involve cutting building access and immediately disconnecting mobile phones”.

This sentiment is shared by several other major industry players, who claim Bill’s resignation “reflects some sort of deeper issue, as to how Colliers has been managed and the direction it is taking, that Bill doesn’t agree with.”

“Clearly Bill will put a positive spin on the situation because of his interest in the business,” said another senior director. “He is hardly going to slam Colliers in the press if he wants to get paid out.”

“The truth will come in time I suppose.”

Colliers International chief executive John Marasco maintains the split, which is believed to have taken place in a private boardroom meeting last week, was amicable.

Mr McHarg is widelty tipped to be chased now by competing agents, and institutions wanting to build on their own green credentials, and reputation.

“I don’t think he’ll be unemployed for long,” said one senior level executive source.

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Marc Pallisco

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