Delfin Lend Lease Pays $30 Million For Plumpton Block, Melbourne

DESPITE fears Melbourne’s $4.3 billion regional rail link might be shelved, Australia’s biggest developers are exploiting last year’s Urban Growth Boundary changes, continuing to quietly snap up farmland in Melbourne’s mid-west.

This time, in Plumpton, Sydney-based Delfin Lend Lease has paid about $30 million for an approximate 63 hectare site on Beattys Road.

The land was included within the revised UGB last year, and was understood to have been sold by Oliver Hume director – special projects, Peter Vassallo, who was unavailable for comment.

Toni Mills, head of Delfin Lend Lease, told The Saturday Age’s Capital Gain it planned to undergo a planning and community consultation process to determine the most appropriate vision for the site.

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Planning Strategy Affecting 2400 Hectares Between Caroline Springs and Melton Being Formalised, Tenders Called

THE FORMER “thoroughbred country” of Melton is a step closer to becoming part of metropolitan Melbourne, with the council formalising a major planning strategy affecting 2400 hectares of vacant land – effectively creating two new suburbs and allowing for the area’s population to more than double within 15 years.

The affected land between Paynes Road at Rockbank (some 30 kilometres from town) and Toolern Creek, at Melton South (40 kilometres away) is proposed to make way for two new activity centres, shops, offices, a new train station, and low, medium and high density residential.

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