Tips to Spruce Your Home Before Sale

HAVE you done all you can to maximise the potential of the home you are selling?

Agents say that buyers are so often excited at the prospect of buying a new house that they don’t invest the time doing little things for their existing homes, which could reap up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The Sunday Age talks to industry insiders about how to make your property stand out from the rest during the campaign and on sale day.

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Little Things You Can do to Your Home Before Listing it For Sale

VENDORS have many reasons why they should give themselves as much time as possible to prepare their outgoing houses for sale.

As well as allowing enough time to properly repair niggling interior and exterior works, there may be legal or title issues that need to be resolved; a big structural problem might take longer to fix than first anticipated; or plans to subdivide your block, or obtain a development permit to attract the interest of developers, might take time to co-ordinate.

Alternatively, your choice of decor, or garden, could risk turning buyers off and might need to be redesigned.

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CAV Warns Country Victorian Residents Against Cheap Home Repairers Scam

CONSUMER Affairs Victoria is warning residents in country Victoria against conmen who offer cheap, but dodgy home repairs.

CAV Minister Tony Robinson is reported as saying in the Herald Sun: “Dodgy conmen prey on Victorian consumers, often targeting vulnerable groups like the elderly or families in isolated locations.”

“They travel from place to place door-knocking and pressuring people to hand over ash up front for discount repairs,” he said. “While the offer of cheap work sounds enticing, it usually ends up costing more, because you end up having to pay to fix a poor quality or incomplete job and you lose any deposits or other payments when the trader moves on.”

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