Victorian Government Promises to Get Tough on Underquoting, Again

AN ELECTION is coming up, and Victoria’s state government is pretending to get tough again.

Despite repeated requests from the media and industry bodies, it’s taken until now  – or actually  – until after any Brumby Government election win – to crack down on the way real estate agents price property.

If elected, the ALP government has promised to cut “price plus” advertising, as part of a plan to stamp out underquoting.

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CAV Warns Country Victorian Residents Against Cheap Home Repairers Scam

CONSUMER Affairs Victoria is warning residents in country Victoria against conmen who offer cheap, but dodgy home repairs.

CAV Minister Tony Robinson is reported as saying in the Herald Sun: “Dodgy conmen prey on Victorian consumers, often targeting vulnerable groups like the elderly or families in isolated locations.”

“They travel from place to place door-knocking and pressuring people to hand over ash up front for discount repairs,” he said. “While the offer of cheap work sounds enticing, it usually ends up costing more, because you end up having to pay to fix a poor quality or incomplete job and you lose any deposits or other payments when the trader moves on.”

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