Major Developments Set to Start in Double Bay, Sydney

ONE of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs is about to see a rise in apartment skyscraper activity.

This month, it is expected authorities will approve a $65 million plan to revitalize Double Bay.

The Kiaora Lands site on New South Head Road, of which a redevelopment proposal has been discussed for more than a decade, will make way for one of the suburb’s bigger proposal. Two new commercial sites will replace existing aged care buildings.

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New Plans Lodged For Ritz Carlton Hotel, Sydney

NEW plans have been lodged to redevelop the notorious, but rundown Sydney hotel where INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence died.

The former Ritz Carlton hotel – which was later rebranded the Stamford Plaza before closing in 2009 – has been the site of a development dispute for some years.

A previous owner, Ashington, planned to build a high rise mixed use project with a hotel and apartment tower, but could not get its proposal through council.

The hotel sits in Sydney’s exclusive eastern suburb of Double Bay, and the council has been strict, up until now, that developers build within a five level height limit. The Stamford Hotel however is six levels.

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