Will buyers be forced into apartment living?

Anyone who played (or plays) the computer game Simcity would understand the predicament Melbourne planners are in right now.

On the one hand, Melbourne’s population is growing – with some more ambitious estimates suggesting by 1000 people a week. New residents are coming from interstate (particularly Sydney and Brisbane) and overseas (New Zealand, United Kingdom). Many new residents are professional, high income earning professionals who may see Melbourne’s real estate market as relatively affordable.

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Is underquoting rife in the market? Do agents consider preventative legislation a ‘toothless tiger’?

"Quote it low, watch it go. Quote it high, watch it die”

It’s one of the oldest adages in real estate, and is effective for agents, because it exploits so many vulnerabilities owner occupiers experience when hunting for a home.

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Sharemarket Volatility May Drive Another Surge of Investors to Property. But has the market peaked?

On January 1 2007, tens of thousands of like-minded investors suddenly made the decision that they would invest in property – driving them to the market in droves.

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