Selling your property: a guide

ANYONE who has sold their homes can tell you the process is complex and stressful.

With so many variables to consider – including choosing the right agent, taking aim at your market and negotiating with interested parties – selling real estate is an art and one that often frustrates prospective buyers, who feel forced to pay more than they wanted.

With the real estate market getting into full swing after the holiday season, Sunday Domain talks to the experts about the sale process, what it costs and what to expect.

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Methods of Buying and Selling a Home

DECIDING what method of sale to adopt to sell your home has become more difficult.

Here’s a list of sale methods and how they work.


Private sales are most popular in middle and outer-ring suburbs, where competition for stock is generally less manic than for inner-city properties. Relatively straightforward, prospective purchasers are aware of a vendor’s asking price and make an offer based on that. As well as price, prospective purchasers can negotiate deposit and settlement terms, which often sweetens a deal.

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