VicUrban Poised to Seize CSIRO Highett Site, Melbourne

THE state government’s development arm is poised to seize control of a highly-anticipated infill site within a south-eastern suburb that may soon have its own skyline.

Well placed industry sources say VicUrban is negotiating to acquire the CSIRO’s outgoing Land and Research Highett Laboratory some 16 kilometres south-east of town near the Southland Shopping Centre and an as-yet-undeveloped train station.

The CSIRO laboratory has been anticipated as a residential development site for years but particularly since 1996 when council rezoned land in Highett, and neighbouring Sandringham and Cheltenham from Industrial 1 to Business 3, and increased height limits to 14 metres to allow for the construction of commercial premises.

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Federal Government to Offload CSIRO Highett Site Soon

ENDING years of speculation, the federal government is readying to sell one of the south-eastern suburb’s most anticipated development sites.

Under the guidelines of the Commonwealth Property Disposals Policy, the 9.5 hectare CSIRO Land and Research Highett Laboratory is expected to be offered for sale this financial year.

Bayside City Council held a meeting with the federal government late last month to pitch its thoughts for the site which runs between Highett and Bay roads, near the Highett train stations, about 16 kilometres from the CBD and near the more exclusive suburbs of Hampton and Sandringham.

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