Experts Warn Senate Inquiry Mortgage Holders Will Pay For Rudd’s $315 Billion Stimulus Spend

Kevin RuddAUSTRALIANS will pay higher borrowing rates than they need to, and any economic recovery may be slower than it could be, as a result of Rudd government’s recent $A315 billion spending spree.

RMIT University economists Steven Kates and Sinclair Davidson have joined a chorus of experts at a Senate inquiry warning the Labor Government’s decision to control fiscal policy, now puts it at odds with monetary policy, with mortgage holders one of the big losers expected to pay, moving forward.

The amount of public debt incurred by the Labor government’s program is unjustified, and the stimulus money is being spent on goods and services “that will give no economic momentum”, Professor Kates told the inquiry. 

“[Interest] Rates will go up because we’ve taken our national pool of savings and we’ve spent it”.

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