Major Projects to Proceed in Cranbourne, Melbourne

IT has been a busy period in Melbourne’s outer south-east.

Last week, Planning Minister Justin Madden unveiled a master plan for a new suburb, Cranbourne East, capable of accommodating 20,000 people.

Now, in nearby Cranbourne West, first time developer Wolfdene is readying to start marketing the first blocks within its $56 million Alarah estate, at 660 Hall Road.

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Evacuate Brookland Greens Estate, Cranbourne, Warns Council

The City of Casey has supplied the Environmental Protection Agency and CFA with the monitoring results and reports of a local residence that required the occupants to relocate last week, as well as the results for neighbouring properties. The assessment of the situation is now being managed by the Victorian Emergency Management Team (EMT), comprising of CFA, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Police and the Department of Human Services. The CFA is now the lead agency in managing the situation.

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State Government Provides Aide For Brookland Greens Estate, Cranbourne

The City of Casey has welcomed the State Government’s announcement of funding support to assist with providing additional monitoring devices and for immediate remediation work at residences affected by methane gas from the Stevensons Road closed landfill in Cranbourne, and to provide assistance to families affected.

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