Developer Peet & Co Response to Brookland Greens Gas Crisis, Cranbourne

Peet Limited Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Gore, said he would be seeking detailed information about what the Council will be doing immediately to address the management issues at the site.

“Peet has repeatedly sought and received reassurances from the City of Casey that action was being taken and residents were safe,” he said.

“We have also referred Brookland Greens residents and purchasers to the Council to receive information directly, as well as ensuring purchasers in more recent months were alerted to the gas emissions issue.”

Peet Limited rejects suggestions that it should not have developed land at Brookland Greens estate.

“Since the acquisition of the land, and the establishment of the Syndicate in 1998, Peet has undertaken all development in accordance with the appropriate planning and development approvals processes,” said Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Gore.

“These have included approvals from the City of Casey for the stages of the estate nearest the landfill site.

“As managers of the adjoining land estate, Peet remains deeply concerned about the possible threat posed to affected residents of its Brookland Greens estate by the City of Casey’s former landfill site and the manner in which the situation has escalated in recent days.”

Peet Limited is a national property group that has a track record of responsible environmental management.

“There is nothing new about development in close proximity to landfill sites. Well-managed, landfill sites are safe for local residents and we would not have considered building next to a site that would jeopardise the safety or comfort of our residents,” said Mr Gore.

Peet is continuing to advocate on behalf of the estate’s residents and stakeholders in relation to the management of gas emissions from the site.
It is also boosting security patrols at Brookland Greens to allay any fears residents may have about leaving their homes, should they wish to.

According to the EPA, around 70 homes are most affected.

The Country Fire Authority, Victoria Police, Department of Human Services and EPA Victoria have also recommended that residents who remain in their homes ensure confined spaces are adequately ventilated.

Peet is now awaiting assurance from the council that all necessary steps will be taken to fully remediate the site and ensure the safety of residents.

The Brookland Greens estate in Cranbourne Victoria is managed and marketed by Peet Limited on behalf of the Peet & Co Casey Syndicate Limited.

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