Planning Bulletin November 2008, Oliver Hume


Council received a request to rezone part of the land on the north-western corner of Heatherton Road and Hallam North Road, Endeavour Hills, from a Residential 1 Zone to a Business 1 Zone. The subject has a combined area. The land comprises 3.78 hectares and is all the land between Heatherton Road and Hallam North Road and the existing and proposed residential development to the north and west, except for the areas now occupied by existing aged care facilities and a recently developed child care centre (See Attachment 2).


It is recommended that Council adopt the draft Melton Township North, Taylors Hill West and Toolern Precinct Structure Plans for the purpose of community consultation, and that Council adopts Planning for Community Infrastructure in Growth Areas as an important resource to guide future growth area community infrastructure planning.


Amendment C117 proposes to include the strategic directions from the Ballarat West Local Structure Plan and to include the high level Plan as a reference document in the Planning Scheme. The Amendment does not propose the rezoning of any land, rather subsequent Amendments will rezone land for urban purposes.  The Structure Plan was adopted by Council on 9 May 2007 and provides the development framework for Ballarat’s primary growth area and is one of the City’s largest strategic planning projects. It aims to concentrate the majority of the growth of Ballarat into a comprehensive community in the Ballarat West area, which includes parts of the suburbs and localities of Alfredton, Delacombe and Sebastopol.  Estimates suggest that the Area has the capacity for 14,000 dwellings, and a potential population of 35,000 to 40,000 persons.

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