Peter Garrett Defers Decision to Ban Uluru Rock Climbing

Peter GarrettUluruTOURISM operators in Alice Springs have been delivered good news, after Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett deferred a decision which would have banned people from climbing Uluru, which used to be called Ayers Rock.

It’s claimed the speculated 100,000 climbers per month were littering and defecating on the rock, during the climb, which also risks eroding the 348-metre rock.

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ALP Backs Down From Green Schemes

Peter GarrettTHE Federal Government has scrapped its blotched $2.45 billion insulation scheme, designed to save jobs – but instead, now looking to cost them.

Environment Minister Peter Garrett announced the scheme’s termination on Friday February 19, describing the risks as “unacceptably high” – and releasing research from as far back as early 2008, warning the hugely expensive program could result in fraud, and house fires.

The Greens Loans program, and solar hot water scheme were also scrapped on Friday.
It’s reported up to 160,000 homes have been fitted with sub-standard ceiling batts “with minimal benefit to the environment”, while around 80,000 households face safety risks.

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ALP Announces New ‘Solar Credits’ Legislation

The Australian Government will today release the final legislation for the expanded Renewable Energy Target (RET) which will allow for the creation of new ‘Solar Credits’ to replace the existing Solar Homes and Communities Plan (SHCP) from today onwards.

Solar Credits will build on the largest ever investment in solar panels in the nation’s history under the Solar Homes and Communities Plan, with more than 80,000 solar systems set to be installed on Australian rooftops since the Rudd Government came to office.

“This Government has overseen more installations of solar systems in 18 months than we saw over the previous eight years, transforming the sector from a cottage industry to part of a productive and growing green-collar workforce,” Mr Garrett said.

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