Body Corporate Take on Sunland on Q1 Tower Defects

THE developer of Queensland’s landmark Q1 apartment building, on the Gold Coast, is involved in a legal dispute with its tenants.

According to documents lodged with the Supreme Court, the body corporate of the building claims Sunland’s Q1 had “contained or developed defects in the coating system” since construction.

The body corporate claims defects and corrosion in the building would “compromise long term durability and appearance of Q1 and require repair.”

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ALP Backflips on Controversial Growth Areas Tax

Justin MaddenTHE LABOR Party has buckled to mounting voter and media pressure, related to a perceived unfair tax imposed on homeowners in Melbourne’s growth areas.

Footballer turned Labor Party Planning Minister Justin Madden had previously expected land owners in some Melbourne areas to pay a $95,000 per hectare tax, which would pay for things such as infrastructure and roads, and attract more development (or developers).

It’s been argued the government, or major developers which will benefit from from the investment, should flip the expected $11 billion bill – rather than profit from it.

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Melbourne City Council to Consider Shifting East Melbourne Suburb Border, to Appease Angry New Residents

THE Melbourne City Council will meet on October 6 to discuss shifting the suburb boundary of East Melbourne, to include a 19-level unique glass apartment building, built over train tracks, near Federation Square.

Residents have started moving into the prestigious project, which was marketed by developer Becton as “ONE EAST MELBOURNE” – but is in fact in an area defined as ‘Melbourne’, and arguably worth a lot less.

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Penalties For Breaches of BCII Act at Maryvale Pub Mill Total $105,000

The Federal Court in Melbourne has ruled on penalties in the fifth and final ABCC proceeding relating to unlawful conduct at the Maryvale Pulp Mill expansion project in Victoria. The decision brings the total penalties imposed in the five proceedings, four of which were in the Federal Magistrates’ Court, to $105,000.

Penalties totalling $30,000 were imposed on the AMWU and organiser Steven Dodd for unlawfully threatening a building contractor. Mr Dodd admitted he threatened to organise industrial action with intent to pressure the contractor to make an AMWU industrial agreement in February 2008.

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