Release of CBD Metro Environment Plan The Beginning of a Transport Revolution For Sydney

“The CBD metro is a vital piece of infrastructure that will be absolutely critical to support the planned development of Barangaroo and the thousands of people who will work and live in the area.”
Mrs Forsythe said that the community and the NSW Government needed to keep in mind that the CBD metro must be the beginning of a roll out of metro lines across Sydney to ensure that the full advantages of metro are utilised.
“The project must be the beginning of a transport revolution for Sydney.  We have allowed underinvestment in public transport to go unchecked for years and this project must be the line in the sand.”
Mrs Forsythe said that The Global Competitiveness Report 2009-10 released by the World Economic Forum revealed that a deficit in infrastructure was holding back Australia’s competitiveness.  Australia was ranked 25th out of 133 nations for infrastructure.
“Sydney is Australia’s only global city – there is pressure on us to lift our performance when it comes to delivering infrastructure if we are to bolster Australia’s ranking in our global competitiveness.
“The Federal Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics put the cost of Sydney congestion this year at $4.58 billion or about $12.5 million a day – we need to invest much more in infrastructure and metro should be a significant part of the solution.”  Mrs Forsythe concluded.

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Marc Pallisco

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