Charles “Chas” Jacobsen paying rumoured $33 million for final piece of Mt Eliza’s Ansett Estate

Sir Reginald Myles Ansett

Retirement village owner Charles “Chas” Jacobsen is purchasing the last piece of Sir Reginald Ansett’s famous waterfront estate in Mt Eliza on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Mr Jacobsen is speculated to be paying the philanthropic R.M Ansett Trust about $33 million for the 22.3 hectare holding which he will retain for personal use – likely cattle grazing.

The price is about $7 million less than was anticipated when it was listed last November.

The parcel abuts the 11.7 hectare Gunyong Valley parcel where Sir Reginald lived for years, and from which he would famously take a helicopter to his office in the city.

Mr Jacobsen paid the estate of the late Lady Joan Ansett a then record residential home price of $14.5 million for Gunyong Valley in 2006, with plans to build a family compound on vacant land.

The latest property to sell, marketed by EY simply as “The Ansett Estate”, is zoned Green Wedge preventing it from many types of redevelopment.

However it abuts the Urban Growth Boundary and was promoted for its potential to make way for a commercial, leisure, hospitality, healthcare or education complex.

Also bordering one of Victoria’s few “clothes-optional beaches” – Sunnyside North – it is now expected The Ansett Estate will be used for cattle grazing, a hobby Mr Jacobsen has taken up next door.

The holding was marketed by Ben Desmond, Marcus Willison and Tim Lewis.

In a published statement, executor company Equity Trustees managing director Mike O’Brien said “we believe this is a great outcome for the Ansett Trust, which will now be able to invest more funds to its charitable purpose – to assist children to take their place in life

“Importantly, we have been fortunate in this process to be able to carry out our responsibility as trustee to act according to Sir Reginald’s philanthropic intent, and also find a purchaser who has a great understanding of the significance of this parcel of land

“We believe this is a great outcome for the community.” Mr O’Brien said.

Mr Jacobsen – one of the state’s most esteemed and successful businessmen, holds personal and commercial assets in the area – including the adjacent and heritage listed Norman Lodge, and a nearby aged care complex The Village Glen.

As well as property developing and investing, Mr Jacobsen is reportedly involved in an airline charter business and has raced cars and yachts.

The acquisition of The Ansett Estate comes nearly two years after another aged care provider, Ryman Health, paid the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Business School nearly $40 million for a historic property on 8.9 hectares, now next door to Mr Jacobsen. This property, The Moondah Estate, was coincidentally also once owned by Sir Reginald.


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