Australia’s Population Could Reach 42.5 Million by 2056

The figure factors in a decline in the overall fertility rate, from a present 1.8 babies per woman to 1.6 person, and a drop in immigration. Should these variables change upwards, Australia’s population could surge to 42.5 million by 2056, The Age newspaper reports.

Australian National University head of demography Peter McDonald said the population growth statistics "has big implications for the provision of housing, prvision of urban infrastructure, transport infrastructure, water,  and alternative energy resources."

"Australia has neglected urban infrastructure seriously over the past 30 years…and we need to be planning for bigger numbers, a bigger population, otherise we’ll end up with worse problems than we currently have."

The report predicts Queensland to inherit most of the growth, and overtake Victoria as the second most populated state by 2050. The state’s population will double to 8.7 million, while Victoria will increase from 3.3 million to 8.6 million, according to the ABS report.

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Marc Pallisco

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