Know Your Rights as a Victim of Underquoting

Morrell and Koren director Christopher Koren has again called on home buyers to report cases of underquoting to the Department of Justice if the practice is to be stopped. He said that in the two years since underquoting legislation amendments, only a handful of consumers have made claims.

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City Shift as Provincial Victorians Buy Melbourne “Holiday House”

We’ve all heard about the sea changers – the growing number of Melburnians packing up their homes and heading to a new life in the coast or country.

Singles, couples and families are leaving in droves – trading in the city’s caffeine infused impersonal lifestyle for something more inspiring.

But while the sea-changers pack up their four-wheel-drives in search of a new home outside of the metropolitan area, they are passing a growing number of city shifters – those from provincial Victoria that are also looking for a change of scenery, and are setting up tent right in the heart of the city.

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Performance of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs This Spring

THE market leading pace with which some western suburbs started the year, seems to have hit a snag, with the top ten suburbs recording relatively lower levels of growth than the other regions. Only nine of 22 eligible western suburbs recorded median house price increases over the metropolitan average of 4.2 per cent.

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What Half a Million Buys You in the City, Coast and Country

It’s a magic number, really.

Tell a real estate agent that you have $500,000 to spend, and they should be able to find you a house in any part of Victoria – Hawthorn to Hamilton.

We tell you what bang for your buck you get in the city, coast and country.

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