Centro MCS Says Pelorus Cancellation of Meetings Disenfranchises Investors

Centro MCS today expressed disappointment and surprise that Pelorus have purported to cancel a series of meetings of Centro MCS investors with little warning and immediately prior to the first meeting scheduled for Monday. Centro MCS Manager is considering whether this purported cancellation is effective and urges investors to check for any updates in relation to the meeting on its website at centro.com.au.

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MFS Rebrands to OCTAVIAR, and Delivers Market Update (March 28, 2008)

Name change

�� MFS to transfer and assign to Massachusetts Financial Services of Boston,USA its Australian registered trademark “MFS”
– Resolves ongoing litigation between the parties
– MFS to receive a payment from Massachusetts of a confidential amount
�� World branding agency was used to develop the new name “Octaviar”
– New brand and corporate imagery to be launched following today’s shareholder approval
– ASX Code to change to “OCV”

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Pelorus Reschedules Centro Meetings, Nominates Trust Co as Responsible Entity

Dear Investor,

Rescheduling of Meetings for Centro MCS 16, 19NZ/I and 11

Attached are notices with respect to meetings (Meeting) of unit holders of Centro MCS 16, Centro MCS 19 NZ/I and Centro MCS 11 (Syndicates). The notices advise unit holders that the meetings in relation to the Syndicates have been rescheduled to 20 May 2008.

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MFS Group Announces Breach of Loan Facility to Customers

Dear Investor

I write to you on behalf of MFS Investment Management Limited (‘MFSIM’), as Responsible Entity of the MFS Premium Income Fund (‘the Fund’) to provide an update on the recent events and the MFSIM Board’s strategy and proposals for the management of the Fund subsequent to our last letter.MFSIM understands the significance of these decisions and the impact on investors. Given current market conditions and the position of the Fund, MFSIM, in the interests of all unit holders, has sought to preserve the capital value of the Fund.The MFSIM Board and its advisors are now focused on exploring initiatives to improve liquidity and allow the payment of income to unit holders and expect significant progress to be made before the end of the financial year 2008. Below we set out the key issues facing the Fund at this time. We will continue to update unit holders on developments with the Fund on a regular basis.

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City Pacific Limited Letter to Investors

Dear Investor,

Amidst recession fears in the USA and difficult local market conditions which have caused havoc in the banking and financial services sectors there has been a substantial increase in the level of redemptions by our investors in the First Mortgage Fund.

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